Hidden Looking Found

Stephen Dallmus

February 24, 2018 until March 31, 2018

Stephen Dallmus’s interest in photography began in his youth. After taking photographs with his

Kodak 120 bellows camera, he developed the film and contact printed the negatives using a

darkroom kit received as a gift. But it was during his years studying architecture and taking

several elective courses in photography that his “vision” developed. Years later after deciding to

further pursue his interest in photography, Mr. Dallmus completed numerous courses in the

Continuing Studies program at MICA and a workshop at the International Center for

Photography in New York City. Working primarily with medium format cameras he began to

shoot in earnest, developing and printing in his basement darkroom. Since then he has

participated in group shows and has received a MD State Arts Council Award. Additional

examples of his work may be seen on the Baker Award website.


These images are my considered views; i.e., what I respond to when I wander the streets and

neighborhoods of Baltimore looking for visual delights. How I see and how I chose to compose

my photos was radically changed during my years in architecture school. The picture plane and

what is or is not included became very important. Composing the image within the frame is my

challenge. How do I make what is often cluttered, weathered, worn and mundane into an image

of interest?

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